Welcome to tamarack, ca!

A work in progress

We are currently (and rapidly) changing things here in Tamarack, CA. The first thing to change is the Tamarack Lodge itself. We're creating a whole new vibe around here and it's getting better every day. Next will come our new website. When the lodge is worthy of promoting you will see a website right here that's worthy of the new lodge.

Until then, we are open for business while we work around those who are staying during our renovation. If you can find us, book a room and we will do our best to show you a good time while the dust is still settling. Or you can wait until we are proud to be a place you want to visit! It's happening quickly so you shouldn't have to wait long.

Keep checking back right here for updates or take the beautiful drive up CA Highway 4 and see for yourself how things are changing. There is certainly a lot more to see up here than us. Our location is what makes us special. Even Caltrans is pitching in to help change the feel around here. They started repaving the highway right through Tamarack today! (6/28/2021) Sweet! Thanks Caltrans, how'd you know?

So, it won't be long before you can take the smoothest road in California right to our front doors and Stay Wild!

Certainly sounds good to me. Let's see if I can pull it off.

Gotta run...things to do.